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Kismis, also known as raisins, are dried grapes commonly used in cooking and snacking. They are produced by drying grapes in the sun or in a dehydrator. Kismis come in various colors, including dark brown, golden, and black, depending on the grape variety and drying process. The most popular types of grapes used for making kismis are Thompson Seedless and Muscat. They are rich in natural sugars, fiber, and antioxidants, making them a nutritious addition to the diet. Kismis are used in numerous culinary applications, including baked goods, trail mixes, cereals, and savory dishes. They add sweetness and texture to both sweet and savory recipes. In some cultures, kismis are also used in traditional medicine for their purported health benefits. Proper storage in a cool, dry place helps maintain the quality and freshness of kismis. Despite their small size, kismis pack a punch of flavor and nutrients, making them a versatile and convenient pantry staple.

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